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pco.logging V1.01

The pco.logging tool is a software for controlling PCO log files. If you use third party applications or integrate our development tools into your own software, this app helps you to control and monitor the logging. With it you create detailed support files that help our support team to quickly identify and fix problems.

Download ( 35 KB )

pco.fileconversion V1.22_0001

A special program to convert the different available image formats, which are used by pco.camware to store the recorded images, between each other (e.g. b16 in tif)

Download ( 16.6 MB )

sensicam/dicam pro/hsfc pro SDK for Windows 7/8 V6.01.04

The software development kit (SDK) for customer software development to easily add camera control functions to customprograms. Includes a demo program for C and C++ as well as a detailed description of all available commands!

This is the new sensicam, dicam pro and hsfc pro SDK, which is suitable for Windows 7 and 8!

Download ( 3.4 MB )
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