Monday, 01/15/2018 | New back illuminated sCMOS camera pco.panda 4.2 bi!

    To see or not to see: If this is the critical challenge in your imaging application, the new pco.panda 4.2 bi (back illuminated) can empower you to find this answer. With a 95 % near perfect quantum efficiency and designed with the recent advances in sCMOS sensor technology, the pco.panda 4.2 bi camera can make the difference to see and measure. At 2048 x 2048 pixel with impressively low noise contributions with passive cooling and ultra-compact design, the pco.panda 4.2 bi allows you to detect the light through the dark.

    We will present our new back illuminated sCMOS camera system pco.panda 4.2 bi at this year’s SPIE BiOS (booth #8327) & SPIE Photonics West (booth #1425) in San Francisco, California, USA. Meet our experts and discuss technological approaches in scientific imaging! More info at!

    Technical info and further details on the pco.panda 4.2 bi can be found at