Monday, 10/19/2020 | New 8-channel intensified sCMOS camera system pco.dicam C8

    We proudly present you the official launch of a new member in our PCO family: the pco.dicam C8 intensified sCMOS camera system.

    The pco.dicam C8 camera system was developed as the logical next step to increase the image sequence length of the field-proven pco.dicam C4. The light of a single optical input is equally distributed to 8 image intensifiers, each with a 25 mm (optionally: 18 mm) diameter and 4 ns shortest gating. All optical elements deployed for the beam splitting and guidance are adopted from the very successful pco.dicam C4 design.

    Curious? Please find more details on the pco.dicam C8 product page.