Quantitative BioImaging Conference (QBI 2018)

The Quantitative BioImaging (QBI) Conference 2018 will be the 6th international conference in this series with focus on the quantitative analysis of bioimaging data in an interdisciplinary manner. It will bring together researchers from engineering, (bio)physics, biology and chemistry who work on quantitative aspects of microscopy. While previous conferences had an emphasis on single molecule microscopy, for this conference, we also welcome contributions from other areas of microscopy. We are planning extensive overview lectures on a number of important areas and hope to be dealing with these topics in a more substantial way than what can be typically done. A major goal of the organization of the conference is to allow for significant interactions amongst the participants.

The 2018 Quantitative BioImaging Conference will be held January 4-6 at the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, Germany.