pco.dicam C1 16 bit intensified sCMOS camera

Friday, 08/03/2018 | New intensified sCMOS camera: pco.dicam C1

As a true successor of the very first PCO product, high-resolution MCP image intensifier camera systems are an important segment of our camera portfolio. With ultra-fast-shutter times down to 4 ns and the ability to detect even single photons, this camera type is still the only answer to several challenging imaging requirements.

pco.dicam C1

pco.dicam C1

After more than 30 years of continuous success in development and production of intensified cameras, PCO introduces the new pco.dicam C1 - the first intensified camera system which exploits the full performance inherent to scientifc CMOS sensor technology. It’s the optical coupling of 25mm high resolution image intensifiers with an outstanding high efficiency tandem lens system to a 16 bit 4 MPix sCMOS sensor which makes the camera so unique. Camera Link HS, the latest standard of high performance data interfaces for scientific cameras guarantees uncompressed and robust 16 bit data transfer of 100 full frames per second via optical fiber over virtually any distance.



the first image intensifier camera with standard digital interface by PCO in 1988

The beginning of PCO’s intensified cameras dates back to the 80s and a research project of the founder, Dr. Emil Ott, who was working at the Technical University Munich for the Chair of Technical Electrophysics. While performing measurements with intensified slow scan cameras, Dr. Ott realized that the existing standard did not meet the sophisticated requirements of scientific applications – and so PCO came to life in 1987. With a small team of engineers Dr. Ott began to develop his first image intensified camera called TOPAS.

dicam pro

pco.dicam pro

intensified CCD camera with exposure times down to 1,5 ns

Another result of the technology developed by Dr. Ott and his team of engineers was the market introduction of the world’s first image intensifier video camera with 5 ns exposure time: the DiCAM came into the world in 1989 – and more milestones were yet to come. Released in 1997, the pco.dicam pro’s high resolution CCD image sensor features an excellent signal-to-noise-ratio and the ability of single photon detection. The system is suited for applications in environments with high electromagnetic disturbances.

pco hsfc pro


ultra fast recording of up to 4 full frame resolution images with 1 ns interframing time

In 1998 PCO’s HSFC PRO followed. With an optical input, the hsfc pro contains one image-divider unit per camera system, four image intensifier CCD camera modules with fast-switching MCP image intensifiers and high-resolution CCD image sensors. 

Now, in 2018, PCO adds a new milestone to its long history of experience in the development of image intensifier cameras. The pco.dicam C1 will be available with an optional lens remote controller. The optional Canon lens controller enables the user to connect electronic EF - and EF-S Canon lenses allowing to remote control focus and aperture of those lenses for use in positions that are hard to access.

More technical details on the pco.dicam C1’s sensor, its image intensifier, the photocathode characteristics and the camera system itself can be found in its whitepaper and data sheet.