Inventus & AMZ Racing Crash Test
with pco.dimax S4 / pco.dimax cs3

Crash Test of the nose (crashbox) of a formula student car from AMZ Racing from the ETH in Zürich which is one of the most successful teams is this series. The requirement is a limit of 40g with a crash from 7m/s and 300 kg. We used a pco.dimax S4 mono and a pco.dimax cs3 color. Everything worked flawlessly even with an external trigger signal.


Destruction for the sake of safety. The controlled destruction of components, prototypes and models is important to verify safety relevant aspects and thus to guarantee their functioning in an emergency. With our drop tower, components with a maximum weight of 250 kilograms, can be dropped from a height of up to 7 metres. Accelerations of up to 10 metres per second and 250-G can be achieved. The experimental set up can be tailored to your exact needs to get the most accurate measurement results. Thanks to state-of-the-art sensor and camera technology, tests can be precisely analysed and evaluated. That's why our customers have been trusting us with their product tests for years.

Website: Inventus

AMZ Racing

0-100 kph in 1.513s! World record! But what car was that? Who is AMZ? That was one of our electric Formula Student race cars and we, the Academic Motorsports Association of Zurich, have been building race cars for this series for ten years.

Website: AMZ Racing

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